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    Star Reach #7, January 1977. Cover by Barry WIndsor-Smith.

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    Black Mama White Mama, a.k.a., Chained Women, a.k.a., Women In Chains, a.k.a., Chains Of Hate, a.k.a., Hot, Hard And Mean (1973)

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    Takato Yamamoto

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    Gabby Malpas (aka Mango Frooty), Gum leaves

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    Kazuaki Iwasaki, mid-1980s.

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  9. "Take it all back. Life is boring, except for flowers, sunshine, your perfect legs. A glass of cold water when you are really thirsty. The way bodies fit together. Fresh and young and sweet. Coffee in the morning. These are just moments. I struggle with the in-betweens. I just want to never stop loving like there is nothing else to do, because what else is there to do?"

    Pablo Neruda

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    Nadine Ijewere is a photographer out of London with an amazing talent for portraiture and fashion photography. She creates  beautiful environments for her work using from floral and cultural influences. I love it all.

    Website / Facebook / Twitter / Instagram

    Dedicated to the Cultural Preservation of the African Aesthetic

    Mood Week.. Loving it all.

    Such a beautiful series.

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