1. ggwookie:

    A June Carnival - dancing round the daisy pole

    B Lloyd Singley (photographer); Fine-Art Photographers’ Publishing Co, UK (publisher)

    1900, black and white stereoscopic photograph, gelatin silver print.

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  2. ayearofdeepcreek:

    I feel it again. This unbeatable need of waking up in the middle of nowhere and everywhere. Immersing in a wild hot spring at 5 in the morning. Filling the nature with all my body. I’m struggling every day not to abandon everything and just wander…

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  4. annaxiin:

    4:00 PM

    (you never sleep regularly anymore.)

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  5. mpdrolet:

    Anawanda Lake, New York, 1970

    Joel Meyerowitz

  6. firsttimeuser:

    Melodious Thonk by Don Hunstein

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  8. djgreyboy:

    Case full of analog heat 🔥#8track #funk #soul #jazz #soundtracks

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  10. magictransistor:

    Charles Dellschau, The Sonora Aero Club Drawings (Aero Guarda); Created between 1908 and 1921.

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